League milestones maybe too extreme?


After doing some quick math, with the highest obtainable trophy modifier of 3.4x, it would take 7,844 raids to reach the highest milestone of 800k… this is 1,308 refills which I’m sure even the most dedicated of players doesn’t have…
Using the 32 free daily energy it would take 245 days to reach the milestone… in a 72 day league…

On top of that you would have to do 109 raids a day to reach this milestone…which is a little over 18 fills

Keep in mind this is with the highest modifier which requires an S10 rated team, which 90% of players likely don’t have. Myself included…

Maybe the milestones could be decreased by a little… or by a zero since most players probably aren’t even past 10k trophies yet.


Plus WAR plus Territory hits plus SR tourneys.


Have you considered solo trophies from tourneys?

Recent faction event, war, gave some amount of faction trophies along with its standard rewards. Faction raid and faction survival road will have do the same.

Same will go for solo events like raid and survival road. They will give out solo trophies.

As you can see on the picture regular war battles awarded 45 solo trophies and 15 faction trophies multiplied by battle bonus. But at the end of the event factions received also up 8000 faction trophies based how they ranked in their own league group.


I actually think they’re fairly low. #1 in my seeding pool is already close to 100k and we’ve only had an AoW.


I’m at 21.3k trophies… and I didn’t use any refills so far with 2.8x bonus. You’re forgetting that you get points for fighting in territories, and during war. War doesn’t happen often, but clearly events like these will give points, so we might expect bonus events during raids/SR to give more points.

Even if you don’t reach the final milestone, it’s not big deal. But if you reach it, you have enough points to get Ezekiel rather than Mirabelle.


you can get both plus some 5 stars if you get all the points


I’m not including faction rewards yet because the amount that is given in further periods is unknown. So at least what we know based off solo milestones is a solid confirmation of what’s possible.


fair enough


This only only 1st round of this season


Pretty sure the milestones will be seasonal. I think its plenty of time considering we have over 70 days for the season 1 prizes to go



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do you even raid bro? most people are well over 10k trophies. scopley isnt going to set easy goals, you have to work to get good prizes


Most are probably around 50k easily.


The hell kinda brackets are you looking at? If 50k was the average then that’d be the average silver range. That’s Diamond range for most brackets right now. As in about 1% of players. (Can’t tell for certain since I don’t think Scopes has released the metrics/make-up of each ladder step)


Agreed. 50k would currently get you diamond (top3) in my bracket.
6k would sneak you into platinum so somewhere in between is probably “average” for active players


I’ve been raiding whenever I have energy and I’m sitting at 3k, in my bracket the diamond players are closing in on 60k


War and territory attacks also count. Majority of points on the higher scores are from war.


8th for the raid event in my league


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