League milestone rewards


@JB.Scopely I haven’t received my milestone rewards for last solo milestone achieved. I finished the milestone about e hours ago. How long does it take to get. Seems like last ones were immediate. Wanting to get Zeke with the rewards but still waiting



Rewards for both Solo and Faction League placements are automatically sent out at the end of each stretch, with an observed delay of up to 2 hours for it to land onto your inbox, depending on Regions.

Feel free to approach our game support if you believe you are yet to receive it, which would indeed be an issue by now.

They’ll happily investigate for you, and compensate your account accordingly.


Their MILESTONE rewards are missing, not their weekly placement rewards.


Oh, my bad.

After reading back, milestone does appear quite a bit :slight_smile:

Note that it doesn’t change the inquiry process, where support will be able to take a closer look at the account level for any outstanding rewards to be received, and compensante where it is due.


mine are missing too.


Finally came 4 hours late. But I got them. Thanks for the reply jb. Support had gotten with me too


Sorry if this is an off topic reply. Just wondering. Do you check your forum inbox? I’m really curious. :slight_smile:


I tend not to as it gets very flooded, to answer each specific case, that instead can be answered publicly for the benefits of multiple players.


Ah, I figured as much, thanks for replying here. Anyhow. I started a new thread and tagged you in it so as not to further hijack this forum post. :slight_smile:


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