League Home stretch

So here is what scopely said about the last stretch of the leagues :

Week 8 (Home Stretch) - No promotion or demotions, and players will compete for increased currency rewards.

is anyone competing for increased currency? Because I sure am not


Maybe you’re not dedicated enough.


I like staying in plat 2 because I dont have to compete, I can play casually without being demoted and promoted just to be demoted the next week. Good coins too (640)


I try to get more tokens for buying a character in the new season!

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We are getting more than double of season tokens that we normally get per stretch. I know it’s not coins but it’s still league currency which can be used in season 2


If I knew that, I would have tried to stay in Diamond 1 instead of being demoted to P5 last week.

i didnt notice that. solo rewards are season tokens instead of league tokens.

Similar, if I had know I might not have allowed myself to be demoted.

Not that it would have been enough to motivate me to have competed with the shitty shitty shitty rewards for solo events right now…

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Sort of, if you notice that only last position has a reduced number of coins - all others have the same so for most, it is a moderately increased amount of coins

I’m hoping to get last milestone to get Mirabelle.

Is there any leaks on season 2 store

No there is not

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