Hi guys, I’ve just completed the 98K golden trophy goal on the league goals. I should have been awarded with 1,600 faction tokens but it did not arrived for me neither in my mail nor directly in my league store, when I will get them?


There are 2 places milestones are shown. Look at your correct league store in your profile. What does it say there?


I mean, when you go the the league rank, there is the option when you can get faction tokens for reaching some goals of winnig determined amounts of trophys. I’ve just completed the 98K goal, but I did not recived 1,600 faction coins.


Can you please show me a screenshot of the 98k so I can see exactly what you see?



The number in this screenshot is wrong. It’s been reported wrong for quite a few weeks, it’s a known issue, and it’s supposed to be fixed for season 3.

Now, open your profile, go to the league screen, and look at the number there. That’s the correct number. When that number passed 98,000, that’s when you got the reward.