League Farming Allowed?


So I just returned to the game, and I’m so far behind it’s not even funny. So I figured I need to pull premiers somehow, but I ain’t spending cash to catch up. My friend told me I could just raid in other regions and collect the coin rewards in my main region. But I tried that, and it won’t let me collect the coins. It says “you can only collect the coins in your highest ranked region” but when I go to that region there are no coins to collect.

Am I doing something wrong here? Or is it meant to be this way?

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That’s just the way it works, can only collect coins in the region you placed highest

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There’s a misunderstanding here.

While you can’t earn them in an alt region and collect them in your main, you can earn coins in an alt region in a lower league, collect them there, and use them in your main region (because coins are shared between all your regions).

What happens is, you’ll get an inbox message in every region you’re in. Every message will say that you have to collect them in whatever alt region earned the highest amount. You can collect them ONCE in that region, but that doesn’t delete the inbox messages. Once you collect them, you have to go delete every message (or wait for it to expire) in every other region you’re in.

So, if you have a message that says to go to an alt region to collect, but there are no coins in that alt region, then you’ve already collected this week. Delete the message.


Pretty sure this is wrong or at least not a clear answer. In my experience, you can only EVER collect one coin reward per week of a league. You get the highest coin reward you earned and all other rewards are forfeited and say to go collect it in region X which you can only do once.

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Yes, you can only collect in one region, that’s exactly what I said. But if you’re in 50 regions, you’re going to get 50 messages saying go to region to collect. That doesn’t mean you can collect 50 times, it means you can collect once and delete the message 49 times.


Once you get to higher leagues you can’t always get coins so If that week you cant rank high enough in ur main u can go to another server and get those coins


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