League Exclusive in promo wheel?

Not sure if this is a bug or put in by accident


Probably by accident but tara is a bad toon anyways

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There goes the neighborhood!

So league exclusive toons will be sprinkled in the wheels now. Not so exclusive now are they?

Survivor club toons given out to the masses…


Calm down it’s probably just an accident

Now if regina was in there… sike even she isnt worth breaking the #playersunited

Is this the first time? I feel like zeke has been in a wheel before. Could be mistaken.

First time as far as I can remember

Hmmm. Prob wanted to use the other Tara lol.

I don’t remember if it was Zeke but it does seem like someone was available elsewhere

She isn’t bad she’s tarable


You need to stop


Zeke was also once put in the wheels.

He was in a Token wheel but they changed it fairly quickly.Have 3 on him now lololol

Now if it was shawn…:joy:

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