League coins... why?

Why were coins removed from league rewards exactly? Sorry if I missed the reason behind it.

Anyways, coins being removed was probably done to make leagues more competitive… that idea backfired completely (imo). Now I see it as the player base has been divided between the tryhard raiders (mostly p2w, some f2p) and the ones who wanted to coast along in their tier, content with their weekly coins (mostly f2p, myself included).

Just like sr, this mode was ruined due to developing lack of interest, hell even the unique rewards don’t really feel unique or worth the effort this season…

Sorry for the complaints, since I know people are going to complain about me complaining :stuck_out_tongue:


Because competition is “stale” as quoted from @JB.Scopely

Its going to get more stale unless you are trying to fight for top 2 or 3. Im going to coast even more now… I wont be loosing coins if i drop a tier now.

Because you aren’t spending enough real money

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