League coins not given from secondary region

So, I remember being ranked 9th (Gold) in Russel (secondary region), and that would mean I would be awarded 600-sometging coins. The thing is, I ranked 80th (Platinum 3) in my main region (Shelby) and I received coins from Shrlby, but not those from Russel. Even worse, I went to Russel region and saw a pop-up which outright said I would be rewarded with coins, but still got nothing. Either you can get coins from only 1 region (which is bizarre), or there is a bug.

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

This changed with the League change, where you only get coins from your highest placed region, even if that region would get less coins.


As mentioned below, it’s not a bug. It was an update. Only can get coins from whatever region is highest tiered up. Platinum 3 > Gold so no coins you earn on the Gold account, count

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Oh okay, now I see.

Actually, if you’d be in a no-coin rank in your platinum region, you wouldn’t get any coins at all…

Only the highest ranking league region is eligible for coins now, even if it fails to earn any

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