League coins nerfed :/

Why the coins r being cut off like that, it’s not being said in the update that they gonna nerf the coins, they thought we won’t notice

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One of those images is for Home Stretch. Although I can’t say with certainty, I thought the Home Stretch (Final week) always had the most amount of coins to end out each season (with the exception of last season when Scopley tried out their reformatted Leagues). Anyone feel free to jump in here.

Below is the coin breakout for Diamond 1 for comparison.


None of them is home stretch

Your photo that says Season 11 has the words “Home Stretch” below it. The other screenshot that says Season 12 says “Stretch 2”


From season 1:

Yes the home stretch is normally higher rewards than the rest of the weeks.


*are… are going to… wouldn’t

U don’t get coins at home stretch, show me that word u see, I can’t see it

The first one says home stretch at the bottom. You can get coins in the home stretch, you just can’t get promoted


In your screenshot where you were in Platinum League 2. Look at the bottom-left. It says Season 11 in the picture. Right below the words Season 11, it says HOME STRETCH (Below is a screenshot of your initial post. I put a red box so you can see).

And yes, you do get coins during the Home Stretch period of leagues.


U miss my point, the coins r being nerfed it was 1200 coins for 1 now its its barely 770

leagues are now smaller again, less competition less rewards

I think you may have missed the point. It was only 1200 because it was the home stretch where there are increased coin rewards. If every season has increased coins during the home stretch, then it’s not a nerf when the coins go back down to the normal amount.


We understand what you’re trying to say but now we’re explaining that it is not a nerf.

The above image is from the initial introduction of leagues. @LadyGeek has also linked the original post for reference.

The Home Stretch (Final Stretch), will always have a higher amount of Coins/rewards when compared to a regular week in leagues.


I got 1200 coins 3 times in a row, it just happened and screenshoted the homestretch one, they themselves said they increased coins given in platinum

It’s a nerf, I got 1200 coins 3 times in a row

No rly smaller, they just removed 50 players out of 200, so it didn’t need to cut the coins in half

Well… we are back to Diamond 5 so lower leagues probably got coins reduced to accommodate more diamond tiers.

but to me this week seems alot easier than last season in d2, so easier league easier rewards

Be glad you get a few coins for free.

It should not be nerfed, end of the story