League changes is total garbage

Totally unfair all of us that transfer got to start from bronze and season 2 will be able to maintain league… lots of trophy and rewards was forfeited to transfer; it should stay how it is

Not that it does any good now. Early 2019 is probably Jun 30th :roll_eyes:

We are happy to announce that we will be adding the ability for Faction leaders to move Factions AND retain their Faction League progress! We don’t have an exact date yet, and are aiming for early 2019: we wanted to communicate this before Season 2 because we recognize that many players are frustrated that they lose their Faction’s League progress when they transfer. Look for additional information coming soon.

Difference in few extra 6* toons, gear, and weapons, medals

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I agree we transferred lost our status have climbed to silver 3 but will only be able to advance to top of silver at start of season. We were platinum but transferred due to bullies moving into our region after transfers. I thought we would be able to qualify for platinum but we will still be in silver.

It should definatly stay as is

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Yeah cuz not fair to those who transferred and have to claw their way back up


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