LEAGUE/ARENA FEEDBACK: End of WK 1 Champion league finished early?

Hi @WalkerTexasRanger @Shawn.Scopely @TayTron

From feedback from the faction I’m in and some solo and faction league chats, it appears alot of customers got caught out by the early ending of wk1 leagues, more specifically the Champions league finishing earlier.

It appears to of finished at 11am edt 4pm UK time.

However usually it finishes at around 2pm or 3pm edt 7pm or 8pm UK time ( may even be abit later.

That’s 4 to 6 hours possibly, earlier that it’s usual finish time.

I checked the season announcements, and blog and don’t see this change being communicated to customers.

Leagues and Champion arena has always ended later. The change of time SHOULD of been communicated prior to customers so they can manage their time of when to use there tickets.

Yes, some may say customers should of checked prior. HOWEVER, customers have been used to champion arena and leagues ending at a certain time and providing good customer service and understanding the customer journey, this should have been brought to customers attention.

As a result of a lack of this, I’m heating reports of customers, now not being able to redeem multiple tickets, some up to 10 or more.

I think a difference approach to the thought process and customer journey and how changes may effect customers, so what can Scopely do to negate any issues needs to be discussed internally so this doesn’t happen again.

Thank you.


It screwed me over since i usually do my entries right before it ends and i get on this morning and it had already ended. Very upset as i had a very large amount of tickets. So ridiculous.



caught me out last week and all my arena tickets i used to get gold tickets as well as the gold tickets were wasted

when you change the finish time of something that has been at that time for the last 12 weeks it needs to be clearly and boldy communicated.

Its like turning up for work and your boss has changed your start time without telling you lol


I liked the change all other arenas finish at midnight for me usually meaning I can be snipped feels good being in the other foot of this

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8 gold tickets lost, promotion lost, coins lost, rewards lost thanks as per usual for communication scopely…

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Glad I have really good faction mates that always remember us in announcement/alert chat :wink:


I didn’t happen to catch it but isn’t there a timer that tells you how much longer is left on that particular arena?


you complain too much man. Every post on the forums from you is a complaint. No one wants to read a whiney 6 paragraph long post to scopely (which they won’t read, nor did i). Reach out to them on discord if you feel so strongly about it

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yes and it lasts something like 36 hours. Tough to feel bad for people that didn’t look


The only one to blame is you and all the other crybabies in this thread. There was a countdown that clearly displayed the ending of this week’s Arena.


if only arenas had a timer on for when it would end :thinking::thinking:


As per OP, I did acknowledge that customers could check and predicted some customers would advise as you have.

This is where there is a difference between just giving a service and giving excellent customer service especially when most customers are expecting a usual pattern. It’s about realise the actual aims of the use of an event of feature. Main aim is for everyone to partake to increase revenue and to enjoy a product experience to encourage retention and expenditure

Someone who with 8 tickets, if Scopely simply advised that they adjusted the predicted and usual end time MAY have, after using there tickets, spent additionally to get further up the ranks. This would have made the event even more competitive as it may have encouraged others to spend more to maintain etc.

The feedback I give is constructive, I have experience in the field.

I’m sorry for you that your experience of choosing to read my posts freely although it appears to cause you some disdain and can only apologise. However, forums is a free space for the community to discuss and provide feedback as per guidelines. I’m sorry that the forums freedom to do that displeases you.

Maybe it’s something you may want bring up to Scopely?

All the people complain about this company taking no accountability. Yet people do not want to take personal accountability either.


The time that my daily rewards arrive changes sometimes. The time my depots refreshes also changes occasionally. Arena end times have changed before. Stashes, collections and black market events sometimes don’t end when Scopely say they’re going to end.

This is my long winded way of saying I’ve learned not to be complacent about timers in this game. I check each one regularly and take responsibility for knowing when they end. If I miss one, that’s on me. 🤷


This is a thread to scopely giving feedback about the recent change of time which I’ve not seen before based on multiple faction members and others from solo and league chat advising that they haven’t been able to use their golden tokens.

It’s up to Scopely if they wish to take it on board or not.

The thread isn’t about personal accountability. Anything person I would assume would be advised to someone privately as it doesn’t pertain to the actual game?

With regards to Scopely accountability I always like to look at this post The -gates of Hell, 2019 [redux]

Personal accountability, white looking at the clock and going OK I need to get this done instead of blaming it on the company for not giving you a heads up.

I want to go to Sam’s, I go there during the plus hours but I know that COVID-19 has changed a lot. So instead of going at 7 AM a call to check what the plus hours are and find out they are 8 AM. I took the responsibility into my own hands instead of getting thereAnd realizing they aren’t open and getting mad at the company because I didn’t do the work. See, they are always open at seven except it changed… Personal responsibility

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Erm, your example doesn’t really pertain to the situation or makes sense to me. Sorry.

Also I don’t think my initial post was read correctly at all.

There is different types of customer services a company can deliver, going the extra mile to provide great customer service is just informing your customers of a change to the time of the ending of an event which usually ends later…

That is going the extra mile, ensuring a better customer experience, shows customer care, is preemptive, shows understanding of the customer journey and could lead to more revenue as your informing customers who may not of noticed or known of an event closing earlier than expected, purchasing extra tickets to compete for placements which increases competition, engagement in the event and possibly expenditure.

It’s sometimes subtle differences and KYC that can really make the customer experiences better which produces customer retention to your product and revenue.

This feedback/suggestion was addressed to employees of Scopely who again can chose to take it on board or not.

It’s feedback from an experienced customer service professional, that they can take or leave.

I’ve noticed something, highlighted it to them advising of the benefits of providing great customer service and leaving it there.

E.g. I regular watch a dude on twice (dartigan I love his monotone voice and wit)

When I used to have discord, he didn’t have to, but he would alert his viewers as to when he would be on or when he wouldn’t or if he is running late

He doesn’t have to do that, but he goes the extra mile and doing that benefits him and shows his viewers that he cares about them, in turn, he has a loyal viewer base that reflects back the respect he gives to his viewers.

helped me lol I saw it was over soon so got to stay in the.coins before I slept
thanks scopely

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They fully changed the league settings this season and how promotions would be done and added an extra amount of brackets to progress through in each color ie diamond, platinum, etc. That was relayed to us in a thorough message, so I’m with the people complaining on this post that if you are going to change things no matter how big or small it should be communicated with the player base. The ending time of the league week stretch or weekly arena time if it wasn’t going to remain the same should have been announced, why should we have to have eagle eyes to notice these changes