League and crw times

God, for once europeans can actually do better in crw and in leagues, it was disgusting waking up and realizing u werent getting coins or smth cause na times rule in the game :slight_smile: keep them coming like this please


I agree being uk based I was able to get my highest crw score not quite the 200k but a lot closer than normal and if hadn’t been locked out initially may have hit it.
Please keep this up scopes.


More events need to be NA time, that is the best!

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Well, Scopley hq is located in Culver City, California (United States). I’m not saying they should never change start times to benefit others around the world, but it only makes sense they would launch events during their operating hours. But, then again, when do they ever do anything that makes sense?


They have a HQ in Spain too

I assume they work 9am-5pm. They can start war at 10am like they did this time.

That Spain location is not their headquarters. :wink:

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Ya i dont blame them for that, but it wouldnt be bad if they changed it a little bit so europe and others can do better…

They can’t get it right in US hours, don’t think it matters where they are in the world…

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Maybe scamply found a tax haven in Europe, and secretly re-located its head office there?🤷🤔

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