Leage Season 3 Leader skill idea

So can you scopes make another rainbow skill
All teammates get 30% Attack and Very Large bonus to Ap.
Plese we need Attack Rainbow leadder.
And plese more specialist skill characters in leage.


This is a joke right? Let me guess you also want a shield and a revive like Gabriel for free as well… At least a for something realistic, instead of the world


Is Carley not enough for you? Yes, she is limited to attack bonus against ranged only, but you’re asking for a lot for what is essentially a F2P character.


need a green scythe in league store 3 with better chance to decapitate when killing a enemy, and a red gun with better chance to disarm when attacking the enemy while were at it. also a disarm specialist. and a toon with leader skill rainbow 20% atk, 20% defense / large ap when defending/ large ap when attacking. clearly not asking for much

Yes i want!Why the hell not?

How is it too much to ask? The Sandy is a rainbow for 30% hp and VL when taking damage


Why not?
We have ftp Sandy 30% hp and very lage bonus to ap when taking damage so why not 30 attack and Hb to Ap when attk?

How is it no realistic? The current league store has a “all teammates get 30% HP and VL AP in damage” so why is it no fathomable to have it be attack instead of HP and On attack instead of on damage?

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I wouldn’t mind like all teammates get +25 def and +30 hp.

Pretty soon we’ll see premiers with this… all melee get +40 def + 40 hp and medium ap bonus when taking damage.

@Carver and @Bane - come on, we both know that 30% HP and AP on damage are not in the same league as 30% Attack and AP on Attack

Right, but we also know revive on an active is better than revive on an AR as it’s harder to stop, yet again, revive active in the store :wink:

Also, we know league toons will now take special gear to upgrade so they should be better versions than what’s available now

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Good idea.

Maybe a green or yellow.

No definitely a yellow. Please and thanks.

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Sandy is taunt and revive. She’ll use her AS even if no1 is dead. Also she’s red, which is one of the worst colours for def so… :confused:

So make the next one red too. Problem solved. The point is 30% attack and even just Large AP to all teammates (like Red Madison) isn’t that far off from whats in the store now. Maybe she will have that lead skill and be a healer only and a 85 AR, you really gonna say her leader skill outweighs that AR so much that she shouldn’t be free? Especially considering you will have to spend League points to get the toon and league points to level is.

There are many ways to balance a toon out, leader skill, active skill, Adrenaline rush, Stats, and even specialist skill. The OP isn’t asking for a Toon with 30% attack and VL Ap to all, plus revive and Bonus HP AR, revive active or crazy high stats etc etc. My WHOLE point is the lead skill asked for is not that far fetched

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We all love to dream.

I would love this as well. But always seems they do a 40 or 30 attack and ap on damage. Which yes can still help on attack I prefer attack and ap on attack. They also put 40def and ap on attack. While yes I can see why but again it depends what you are looking for. Would be nice since the premieres have gotten out of control and we are beyond making the game balanced ( even tho at intro to 6* that’s all they talked about, balance) I don’t think 40 attack and huge ap on attack is even out of the question tbh

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