Leaf event not doable

Can’t do yellow leaf roadmap because can’t get enough green leafs in the time frame. The events time scale is not very good. You should at least make these things attainable instead of messing with players. WHAT SAY YOU SCOPELY?

Not to beat a dead :horse: here, but they are attainable. It’s called :moneybag:, and I, along with many others, refuse to cooperate.

They don’t have a $$ offer for green leaves.

Or yellow leaves.

It’s supposed to be a doable event, but they got it all wrong. Again

That is criminal.

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Only if the Pay Whales stop buying… as Tupac’s song goes

That is the ways it is, things will never changes… that is the ways it is… oh yea…

That was a Bruce Hornsby song redone by Tupac


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