Leader's Duty Missions Update - 10/28


We’re making a small update to the “Leader’s Duty” Mission Event that we wanted to make you aware of.

For players at level 25 or above, the Daily Mission Event “Leader’s Duty” will now only require completion of 9 missions (instead of the previous 10). There will still be 10 missions available, but you will only need to complete 9 of them to claim the “Leader’s Duty” completion reward.

Expect to see this change in the game in the next 24 hours. Thanks!


Can we srs have cans added back in??? and coins. And why did you cut token amounts down?


This due to the “watch more ads” update?

Good for you for the fix.

Coins and energy cans, world, raid, hordes, territory, SR, war cans need to make a comeback to daily missions.

If only once in a awhile, one day trainers, next day energy cans, next day coins, etc.

Also maybe gear since we REALLY REALLY REALLY NEED GEAR!

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Okay, your Halloween prank of a event was real funny. We are all miserably depressed, thanks for that. Can you please give us our actual event now? Made for the S class era. Not a money grubbing, coin spending ,good for nothing event you just ran. One that’ll actually reach your whole base as helpful. You can always let the whales have the option to buy more to feel special. But throw us a bone, here. We are do one. Thanks- the non-whale base​:whale::whale:


bad change, why not just ad brady to the bag ? like it was when it was first released ?

Coins would be cool.

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