Leaderbord top100 player league is broken

Okay, 2 player’s in my faction have so much point league for looking in this leaderbord. But it’s 2nd week, when we are not visible. Can you fix this, please :slight_smile:

Been like this for many weeks

Just screenshots 1 mins ago. :frowning:

Yes it is. We have 3 that should be there.
But seeing how many are not on top, probably many won’t be in top if they fix it :))

are they still in diamond 5 because for some reason no matter how many points you have if your not in diamond 5 you dont get included in top 100


Still AOW didnt counted scores but CRW did

I’m in 5 diamond, man)

ok just checking as I’m currently in diamond 5 but when the new stretch starts I will be demoted to diamond 4 and have now been removed from top 100

som1 said in faction chat it’s from last weeks score.idk if this is true or wtf.

I contacted support over and over since I have the same problem. They assured me that they will let the team know. So I know that I am in good hands. :joy:

So, this problem have anyone player. Can we w8 fixing this one?

Bit late but I’m in diamond 4 and I’m still in the top 100

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