Leaderboard still broken


This is all i can see of the leaderboard. Nothing opens, nothing pops up or can be moved. Cant read anything…
Please fix it !!


That stinks but at least it’s something. When I press the button all I get is this useless screen.

Does anyone have a solution? Free digital :pancakes: to anyone who can help. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


i would like to think its broken cause they are fixing peoples cake and candle counts from transfers…i know, i would like to think, lol


My cake leaderboard shows up ok ish. But im not on there and its not saying how many I’ve gotten. Looks like I wont even get the first prize of this event

Edit: seems to have been fixed for me at least. Altho the candles map is still in an awkward place / unreadable


So is this just a bunch of bullshit?! Or are they really going to be fixed?


take the amount of the cake collection you turned in and times that by 250; add the excess. thats your total. my leader is working for the time being. if you have ~1980 cakes then youre around my position and its safe to assume youll revieve your 60 tokens. it only goes down from there. i stopped at a random number of 1300 cakes and that was around 520th for placement. this is just general placement of numbers i picked, like always ymmv.


I and several in my faction also get this useful screen when looking at the leaderboard:


I seriously do not understand how it’s so hard to do basic things like a text leaderboard or how leagues will use territories as a major component when it crashes all the time. Real smart. Plus it will keep med and small factions from ever owning a spot. Amazingly dumb!


This isn’t any better…

Note the jump in rank.

Please prove to me this is a visual mistake and 97 through 1106 are going to absolutely be credited the rewards they earned. I used to be in there. I did NOT transfer. There are SEVEN hours left.


I was rank 16 this morning … Now nowhere. I haven’t transfered. Have S’s my museum cakes just incase cause nothing from support


Mine looks normal again. Doesn’t change the fact that someone inside needs to make sure this is going to be distributed right, when it’s time.


mine just broke more


Mine’s like that too.


i tried viewing it on different devices and emulator.
Android 5 and below shows nothing but the black screen with an ‘X’.
Android 6 and up works pretty ok but experienced some little issues with scrolling, updating and viewing the leaderboard.
Also got this ‘jump’ - like from place 90 to 1000ish but only on some regions. Try switching regions, maybe leaderboard will work better on some other than your main lol.
For some reason all of my main regions cannot load more than 93 places. But for example on Ben Hill, where i have 0 cakes, leaderboard scrolling smooth from the 1st up to the end.


I’m nowhere on the cake board now :thinking:


I see nothing but a f black screen… no idea whats happening in this event, or where I am compared to others. No clue about the prizes either. Tried on different devices and the same.
I also unable to open my war leaderboard as well since last update.

On the sidenote I am Beta… what is probably the reason, since on beta all event leaderboard changed to league leaderboard… But hey, fix this pls ffs!


Same, sent email to support, got 7 different responses 6 times they told me to wait 15 min (waited over 3 hours after 1st response) asked them to tell me if Im on the leaderboard at least, didnt answer that one :confused:
Not beta btw…


Worst Leaderboard design in gaming history. Ridiculous how they struggle in every aspect of making this game enjoyable.


If you check out your museum cake amount someone in your FAC could tell you rank. Apparently some can seen it some can’t


Yea just scrolll past a thousand people with the same ammount of cake as your friend