Leaderboard for Onslaught?



So I’m sure im not the only person to think of this but could Onslaught have an update so it adds a faction leaderboard to see how many points each person in your faction has, like the other events such as raid it would be a nice addition for us faction leaders who want to kick them players who arnt doing their part, and could there be milestone rewards as well, I’d rather prefer a leaderboard but I’d be grateful for any of the two.

  • Yes, please add this.
  • No, Onslaught is perfectly fine.

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I’m aware of these fourms but I’m just asking for a leaderboard to see how many points each player has in your faction, it would be amazing if those were added but I’m more interested in the leaderboard lol.


I hate onslaught hence why I voted no. I just want them to remove it


It’s boring, repetitive, and non-stop… still favours coiners.
Plus the rewards stink, individual and team. No visibility or incentive to push.

… the coding sucks, youre not competing against a visible pool of people. Then if you face a team twice, the new opponent bonus doesn’t apply.

Scopely’s new motivation for people doing it is to not lose out on faction league pts.

So it’s all stick, no carrot.


For me onslaught is like a mini war that I am automatically made to join even though I cannot play during that time. Sounds logical, onslaught is as big a piece of shit as the broken ass territories. It is here to guilt you into living in the game so you don’t piss off your faction. Just pop some middle of the workweek shit that i cannot play and automatically put me in there… Yup great design there.


Sounds like youd also be a big fan of SR
Better yet, let’s have them overlap


And if you work a job that occupies you for 12.5 hrs with about 30 min each way drive plus want to sleep and shower, it is something that is unplayable. I cannot play but am always signed up.


I finished the bronze.


That’s exactly how I feel about it. It just sucks in general


why? so you know who decided that onslaught sucked and didnt play?


You left off the third correct choice.

  • Onslaught is terrible and we don’t want a leaderboard. In fact, we don’t want onslaught. Remove it completely.


For the first time in a long time, I couldn’t even be bothered to finish bronze. Rewards are garbage not worth my time.

And I completely agree with you about Onslaught. At least with war we make the conscious decision to sign up and help the team. Being made to contribute because we are automatically forced to play with real life going on is total bs. Especially when you have people like the op who want to kick people for having a life and responsibilities outside of the “game”.


That’s your opinion! Oh, wait :thinking: That must mean you have a problem too :monkey:



Add milestone rewards!


Glad you’re over it :slight_smile:


Onslaught has been going during the week when most people work, only once has it shown up on a weekend…& this event forces you in the game whether you want to be or not.


Really, kick people for onslaught!! Thats hilarious!! Hope op has a waiting list a mile long to join.


Anybody that both plays this game and spends time on the forum boards has a problem, like it or not.


Crap… I have a problem :frowning: