Leader Skills with no HP or Defence....useless?


I’ve been messing around trying to get a solid Yellow/Blue team to combat Range.
I’ve been struggling…especially with a leader.

I recently experimented with Marina who provides 20% Atk and Medium bonus to AP when attacking to all.
I’m using all 6*s with her.

They get destroyed facing a equal 6* team in a few rounds.
Even though I have the type advantage.
Without any sort of defence Buff and 6*s having such huge atk power compared to defence…its pointless.

Maybe I’m doing something wrong…or thinking the wrong way.

But 95% of all 6*s have higher atk than defence by quite the margin.
Atks can go as high as 2000 where defence hit 1600.

Has this made all Atk based leaders obsolete?
I’m taking future 6* leaders too.
Obviously with 6* you would get say. Huge AR when atk and 40 atk…But would this be enough to make a glass cannon team…?
With all the status weapons and absolute defence…I’m not sure there viable…not when compared with leaders like Carl and Mirabelle…


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What size was your marina ?



About this big!

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Lol , but to answer your question , if you’re going against toons with attack/defence/hp boosts you’re going to have to match that to an extent, say they use Carl with 40%hp and defence boost , if you don’t have a stat boost toon as lead that means their toons are already 40% tougher and 40% more durable

Now what about weapons ? 30% attack and stun ? 30% defence and ad ? Etc, these weapons combined with leader skill give a huge advantage to someone if they’re facing a team with no stat buff leader



This is the yellow - blue team that I use, and it gets the job done every time.

6* Barker lead - Huge AP + 36 crit to all yellows
Guardian zeke - fits perfectly with barker lead. Near 100% crit on every hit.
6* Tyrese
6* Siddiq - mainly for commanding Priya turn 2.

Siddiq, Barker and Tyreses’s active skill would help keep in check any one who is ready to pop their AR.

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The OP is asking about defense.

You can use a non DEF lead on defense, but at the current meta, they are very situational and only good for a “surprise defend”. AKA I’ve lost raids to easy teams because they were huge AP lead and multiple 8% weapons and I didn’t check the weapons (got stunned, got confused, lost)

Then I will re-try the same exact raid and win in 1.5 rounds because I wasn’t being lazy and actually didn’t just auto attack :slight_smile:

That’s not a viable defense for a weekend of war. It’s fine for territories tho



At this point in the game if you don’t have a Carl lead for your defense with any combo of Shiva/Zeke/Negan/Wyatt/Abso Defense Michonne you are not going to get that many defends. It’s that simple

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I get tons of defends with mirabelle lead, lots of people do.



Cool story. Most of the defends from what I have seen in war/raids come from people with Carl leads. Boobs leads get a few but nowhere near the amount of Carl.



I think that has more to do with free and common ascendables in melee than Carl being a better lead. Also Priya being in a lot of rosters. Zeke being free as well



Whales in top factions are the exception not the rule

After doing another CRW recently, there were very few Mira teams that held up, and we faced a super whale- coin loading faction last CRW with full windowless.

40 ATK 40 HP is simply inferior to 40 DEF 40 HP because of the available 6*.

Impair on defend isn’t that much trouble, Abe is somewhat useless, Yumi even with impair on defend isn’t a threat

The very best Mirabelle teams can get defends absolutely yes. But almost all of those defends rely on a mistake from the attacker.

Carl can get defends based on simple RNG. (Zeke popping and living)

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That’s why I said “lots of people do”

I feel like better than half of your faction was running mirabelle leads when we played y’all, and y’all got some defends against mofos.



Back then yeah, we had a lot of guys sitting on medals. We were waiting for the never to be delivered ascendable war prizes LMAO

A few of our most actives just recently ascended 6* … tired of waiting for Lori that will probably never come :frowning:

There are a few windowless range teams on our region in other factions, and I definitely have a few losses to them (always trying out different attack teams instead of using “no fail” all the time

But I would put those losses on my failure to attack smart or use the right team. Bringing 3 ALert 5* without any huge AP vs. a bunch of Tyreese etc…



I hear that, we were in the same boat, but when we saw the stat buff we adjusted. It’s why I got Vincent to level 80 using that war lol

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It’s different though in cross region war, hard to being the right team all the time when you don’t know who you’re fighting and what they’ve got. I’d say for most players outside of top factions a good mirabelle team is still viable

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I get plenty of defends with a Mira lead, but I think Carl leads are currently superior on defence because of a) Zeke’s guardian & b) the availability of melee healers.

Sooner or later that will even out



That was the most memorable thing from that CRW :wink: We were pretty impressed how quickly you got him to T2 during a war LMAO, I can barely farm a stage during war or even look at Line chat.

I only have 1 level 80 6* myself , I’m a slow leveler

What’s the team? Zeke with AD?



The discussion turned into a defense debate but I think you’re talking about offense? On offense, I’m using SR Zeke and all he gives is huge AP gain, no HP or defence or anything and I do fine against Carl teams.

Your strategy can be either to match stats, or to use abilities that stop the defence ie) neut, impair, confuse, stun etc. I chose the second path.

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Carl Leads are better because:

  1. Def + HP > Atk + HP so carl has better lead
  2. Ezekiel survives longer and shields up more
  3. Michonne as shield is more viable then ranged shields since absolute defense got better and with carl lead she is more durable.
  4. Same goes for other key toons like shiva, priya, survival road ezekiel.

I have a mirabelle lead defense because my weapons are ranged oriented and got plenty of defends but i feel carl defenses are superior for now, at the very least more time consuming to raid.