Leader skill promo

We need a leader skill of ALL trammates get huge bonuse on attacking and defending with 40hp and 40+ def buff

That would be great

No. No, we do not.


maybe get huge ap when attack and huge ap when defending, but that other stuff wouldnt come attached

Why not?

Why yes???

Because I have to be at work at the moment but I will be there at the same time as the other one is the one I was trying to send you a picture of the seat of my termination and I will be there at the same time as the other one is the one I was trying to send you a picture of the seat of the car and the internet is the best way to get a hold of the guy who was the guy who was the other person you can get the club members to see here giving answers… That’s why yes

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Best troll ever :joy:

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I need a toon which helps my defense… Why not just ask if they will make a promo with leader skill.

I think you’ll find if the pigeon opens the gate to his neighbors dwelling the pudding will return to it’s former state of hiding in the office od the pretty girl from account and when that happens the sky will turn to blood and all you hopes…

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Don’t do drugs kids.


But I have to move your appointment tomorrow morning at the latest so we can get the ball rolling on this and get it done before the end of my shift tomorrow. Thank you so much sir for your assistance in this matter is greatly appreciated. Can you send me the link to the social worker I have to go get my hands on your email list so we can get the ball rolling.

I’m sorry a link is not forthcoming as the social care plan took the opportunity the go camping with a swingers club based in Ipswich which caused a fall in prices on the Dow Jones so I can’t buy any links even from.


cause most i seen leader skills have 2 effects, examples 40% atk 40% hp , very large ap defend and very large ap attack, 40% atk and ap on defend.

asking for ap on defend, ap on attack, 40% hp and 40% defense is kinda breaking there rule of only 2 things per leader skill, and is why i said other stuff wouldnt come attached.

i would guess its code limitations (usual reason given) but if they could give more then 2 effects, reality would be more like large bonus ap on attack , large bonus ap on defense, 20% hp , 10% defense

With scopely anything they want to do … They will do… like nerfing any toon they wish.(wandy) (Michonne) If they want more $$$… They will do it




If leader and specialist together can be a thing, don’t you worry.

Future pushed premiers will definitely have triple-leader or double-specialist. Because … why not?!

How about:

Huge AP on attack and +40 attack against all melee characters. +40 defense against all ranged characters.

Or this: (yeah this is going to be OP)

Specialist 1: Execute
Specialist 2: Decapitate

The creep could get worst still, like this:

Huge AP on attack and +40 attack against all ranged characters. Huge AP on defence and +40 defense against all melee characters.

Or this:

Specialist 1: Human shield
Specialist 2: Indomitable
Specialist 3: Evasion

… oh wait, those OP slot 3 weapons IS already an extra specialist skill.

they already have specialist skill with leader… Why not extend it a little.

I agree that this Is a good leader skill… Just add more to and def