Leader skill Glitch on margaret


This is the third time now that my game has a leader skill glitch on one of my toons and this time it’s on 5* Margaret!
In the picture you can see that it says “all tough team mates get 30% defense and you get a medium chance to drop an item” instead of it saying it’s real leader skill which is 30% def and 30% attack to all ranged team mates!
The support is useless as always and it’s incredibly annoying to always have these little bugs and glitches besides your usual screw ups!
Fix your God Damn game and show me the real leader skills of toons


Schlappe :joy:

but does the leader skill work?


Yes it does work as usual :joy:
Still sucks to have false leader skills shown … some people may not know the original leader skill and try to use her as drop lead


There are a number of German translation issues that will be fixed in a future content pack.