Leader skill fir F2p S.class

please correct me if i am wrong scopley said every s.class toon will hve a leader skill but i cant see any leader skill of these new upcoming f2p toons.

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Even if they said that we know they are full of crap so it doesn’t matter


Only real S-Class toons get leader skills
These 2 turds we are about to get are 1k behind the stat threshold.


So what? They’re free characters. It isn’t like the skills are game changing anyways.


They help no one they are made to set off payback

Also sets off Bide

My name’s not Derrick. And it doesn’t matter anyways, they’re worse than Pete and Laopo and Priya

You expected free characters to be better? They’re still S Class characters. Should be grateful we’re getting any at all.


Funny thing we can grind pete and priya


All it’ll take is 6+ months to get one.

or u win 5 lvl up nd pete is urs in 2 weeks lmao

If you win 5 level ups in 2 weeks then chances are you aren’t a f2p player.


Why are you comparing attack toons to defensive toons? What does that mean Pete and Laopo are better? Certainly they aren’t better on an attack team than cristã and James… Both have value, but Cristã is a beast.


A fac mate just saved around 1.5k of bennies and he is doing that, he is f2p

Exactly why I said “chances are”. Not everyone has saved this amount and even if they did, a whale could easily come in and take the number 1 spot.


watch them f it up and we won’t get it

like Sergio

she only needs 4k for her normal… lot faster then pete with boxes having all 3 in them

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