Leader is MIA! What happens to the faction?

My leader hasn’t logged in for four days now. What happens to the faction if he never returns?

If he stopped playing the game completely, then it will eventually get passed to another player. If he still plays in another region then he will keep the leader position.

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The timeline is what concerns me, I don’t know how long we can maintain without an active leader.

Why not? Are there no Cos to act on his behalf?

agreed. you should have a solid colead to take the reins when the boss goes down.

As long as there’s some Tan or Sec, you should be fine


Lol you nerd!

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After 2 weeks of zero activity by the player (meaning not in other regions either) and it will transfer to another.

I believe it’s 15 day’s and it will pass leadership to a Co leader then y’all can decide who takes over. It happened in my old faction about a year and a half ago when the leader passed away and I believe it was 15 days without logging in and it passed to a Co leader.


Then you should ask yourself, what makes Mia a better leader than you.

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First of all a good leader would pass leadership onto someone else if they were going to be away for 4 days, but maybe something unexpected happened that was out of their control. Don’t you have the leader added on Line? Send them a message and ask what their situation is. If you don’t have them in Line then just wait the 15 days and if leadership isn’t passed onto someone else, then as someone above has said, they are probably still playing but in another region. Then would be the time to respectfully ask them to pass on leadership to someone else since they are leaving you all hanging, if you can ever get them to respond back to you.

Or leave and start a new faction/join a different faction.

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For the geometrically challenged a hint: