Leader control for faction assault game play


Leaders need to be able to approve members to join faction assault and stop the ones not following the faction strategy. It’s unfair not to limit some players. Faction assault is very limited and leaders need to have control over it.


I couldn‘t agree more. Assault is an in-faction competition. Every other faction event gives same reward for everyone.


Two ways to definitely fix this faction assault feature :

  1. Remove ranking, same rewards for everyone
  2. Delete all tickets in dead factions


It seems like most people want the ranking taken out. Personally I like it. The person with the stronger team should get a better reward. What really needs to be done is have tickets earned be factored in for the final score. This way if your a top ticket earner in the faction it shows. Or have that as another leader board with its own set of rewards.

The problem with removing the ranking is then the laziest member of the team can go in do one attack and get exactly the same as the top scorer and earners. I also think every faction event should be like this. The more work you do for the team the bigger the piece of the rewards. It just makes sense.


Doing work ? You mean put 5 teams on auto and walk outta there with 2,5mil. and first place ? So exhausting.


A lot of factions don’t mind sharing the rewards as it will help weaker players grow.

Maybe introduce milestones in FA so that those that score high earn extra rewards


Work as in farming tickets.

Try reading the entire post and understand the point before making a snide remark.


This is what is wrong with the scoring system. With my (completely F2P) set up of six stars, I can barrel through the first three stages in 15-20 minutes, rack up well over 1m and be assured of a top 6 spot. Yet those who have the real challenge on Negan scrape in on the lower tiers.

The scoring should remain tiered, but the disparity between first and the middle tiers is too great. Why not add a small bonus or even a second bag for the top ranks but keep things broadly level? If you’ve got lazy assholes only making one hit, you just need to learn to be a faction leader, not complain about Faction Assault

I do also agree the faction ticket contribution should also factor in. However for that, it shouldn’t reset when you leave a faction. I’m recently coming back to my faction after a couple of weeks on holiday and I have to reset my contribution over, whereas before I was top 8 in my faction.


I lead my faction in assault tickets earned but when it comes to an assault I let everyone else hit big and wait until the later stages to attack. I’ve never finished higher than 6th in points for an assault but I think its better for my faction to let lower members get the rewards. I’m not starving. When members from our botton half are getting top 5 in points you can see them excited and proud of their outcome and it encourages them to do more and do better.


Give 1 or 2 markers per assault ticket you contribute between each assault. That way those who grind and help the most by getting tickets get rewarded for it


Okay that might be a but high. I have over 100k tickets. Cant see them giving me 100k markers. But implement a system where you get rewarded for the tickets you earn


It’s a mess. Too hard for lower factions. Too easy for higher factions. We limit everyone to one attack no matter the stage to wait for everyone to hit. It’s literally the worst event in the game. Not to mention that Tara is absolutely unreachable.


I would like to be able to unlock a boss at a time determined by leads. Had a player poison our 1 boss every 4 hours which is the most balanced approach we have tried to do it… Easily remedied this by remove of this player when they made an excuse that they deserved special treatment and didn’t care about the rest of the faction. Overall this feature sucks for any competitive player.


We set up 2 groups each time, depending on the results of the last FA. And they have different starting times. Group 2 is made of last Fa’s top 15 and they aren’t allowed to attack during the first 8 hours.

It balances it out a bit. Although peeps agree this is a solution that benefits all, we still got competition and minor grievances going on. Which I find pretty sad.

Defeating the boss is no big deal at all. We have a couple of peeps who don’t care for the rewards (or who rather don’t want any trouble with the more competitive players) and only do 1 attack. I wouldn’t say this is lazy. We still can beat it in one day.

To add to the topic, I too think, that these rewards cause more harm than that they do good. Like I said defeating the boss is no biggy at all. So it all breaks down to who attacks when IMHO.

I personally think, that binding these rewards to ticket contribution would reward those players who farm a lot. And those are the ones doing the work to get to the boss.
I guess this could also encourage players to farm more tickets in the long run. Which is obviously better from the developers perspective.


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