Leader boost weapon boost plus mod boost multiplier

I have looked through these forums and didn’t find an answer that matches my question. So here it goes.

With mods, leaders, weapons, etc it’s not crystal clear how they all fully work. I’m not sure if mine is bugged, but here’s one that doesn’t quite add up.

Attack - 1926
Attack mod - 490
Attack mod bonus - 650
Total - 3066

Andrea lead - 40% boost attack
Bryan upgraded weapon - 38% attack.

When running this he only gets 4931

3066 × 1.4 x 1.38 = 5923
1926 × 1.4 x 1.38 (+490 +650) = 4861
3066 × 1.78 = 5457
1926 × 1.78 (+490 +650) = 4568

It’s not just him, it seems to be everyone. How does it work?

Mod bonuses are flat bonuses that are added after all the other attack buffs are calculated on the attack stat.

the attack VS defense algorithm is still unknown. however you should know that if u have a 3000 stat attack toon, the damage you inflict on the enemy depends on the enemy’s defense stat too, so if you attack a 1 star toon with a defense of 100 you will see a damage of 20000 or something but if you attack a 6* with a defense stat of 3500 you inflict much lower than your 3000 stat. What i noticed is attack and defense stats works in scales to eachothers meaning if

  1. attack and defense are equal then damage inflicted should be close to a flat rate of the ((attack statleader bonusweapon bonus)+mod bonus)
  2. attack > defense then the deficit is maybe multiplied say 1.2 for the advantage of the attacker to be added to the total damage mentioned above
  3. attack < defense then the deficit is maybe multiplied 1.4 for the advantage of the defender to be reduced from the total damage mentioned above

the algorithm i say again is not known, above is just a simulation to help you understanding how it probably works beyond accurate figures

hope it helped

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Also @Wanderer said that for weapons its not 40% but actually broken down like 30% + 5% + 5% or 3% since earl loves to give 3% on the final upgrade, which this whole time i thought it worked more like a lead skill of 40% or 38% in your case

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That must be it.

1926 × 1.4 × 1.3 x 1.05 × 1.03 + (490 + 650) = 4931

Thank you all.


I like the maths, makes me brain good feels :hugs:

Clear as mud. I don’t understand how this isn’t blindly obvious to everyone (sarcasm)

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Def clear as mud lol like most things in RTS

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