Lead chat... reload had me bored

So @DZ.Scopely does a daily answer recap when he opens the RTS lead chat…(that chat where leads ask questions and the cm “answers”.

Since game is stuck in reload, I decided to color code the last recap so people could see it quickly! (I completely forgot to add key for purple. Sorry! Purple = you will get something at some point but not the same thing)

Anyway, I hope this helps answer as many questions for yall as it did me!
(Hint: better answers to be found via JB 8ball https://youtu.be/SuBDG7_Oxcw )


So many answered questions…wait hold up. Noted as to pass it to the team guys for quick response of " As of right now we have no answer on that keep checking forums." :joy::joy::joy:

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Disclaimer: I do not blame @DZ.Scopely just like J.B. and @GR.Scopely they do the best they can with the info they have/info they are allowed to divulge.


Thanks for this!!! Appreciated!

It must be frustrating working as CM for an organisation like scopely. They seem to get zero support from the higher ups or the ones who can provide information, yet has to go out and face a frustrated crowd everyday!

Never before has so much been said which answers so little.

Good job showing up how little is actually answered @LockedUp

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