Laupo active still not fixed

Do any of you actualy have his active working as intended yet on defence. Frustrating as it just dont work. How is this not an issue?


Yeah it isn’t working thank god they changed it back my defence team sucked when laopo was using her active

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It definitely seems hit and miss. I can duel the same team 50x in a row and she will use her active turn 1 on less than half of those battles

I’d rather she doesn’t use her active first turn. What’s the point when turn 1 actives like stevens’ gets priority since the attacker makes their move first?

shes not using it at all tho. I would actualy like her too as it will help me.

Not sure what you have behind her. But you think her active not working is good? Btw im not planning on using her as lead.

Behind mercer I would 100% want her to use her active turn 1 everytime


Yep makes her/him useless as a def leader

Aarav also doesnt use active to recover bleed. At least in sr

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This is why.

I don’t use her as leader but i I have raulito and a huge ap when attacking and defending weapon so for me the best part is her rush

I have raulito lead, James, Kapoor, laopo and red magna

Hello everyone,

We are still looking at the issue with Laupo active skill.


Thanks GR. Any timescale?

Cant be a timeline when we rest assure that they don’t answer at all


Will Robot Laopo be smart enough to only use her active skill when there is someone on the enemy team that abnormally gains AP?

We have taken your concerns to the team

Lol seems like it would be easy enough to code:
At start of 1st turn, scan opponent’s rushes, active skill, and weapon. If there is an effect that abnormally gains ap in any of the 3 that can still be used, use Laopo active skill

Because turn 2, Doc will give AP to someone else…

even more important that this issue is corrected now with the release of Mercer