Latest roadmaps


So I know we choose Maggie or John and work through those roadmaps, but once we finish them any chance the rest of the roadmaps will be unlocked so we can play them all?


I’m sure they will have an offer to buy the stuff we need to unlock them soon enough… but other then that option there is zero chance of playing the other side


It’s already available in RNG crate form

For anyone tempted don’t forget you’ll also need the test-tubes again


No surprise there… and with a 3% chance… how tempting :poop::poop::poop:


I was tempted for about 3/4 of a second then came to my senses :slight_smile:


I got 300 elite tokens for my 165 coins.

I’m gonna wait for better odds/guaranteed flasks etc before I waste any more coins on this.




They don’t unlock the other roadmaps. They just let me play the same ones again. Pero gracias…


Broke down and decided to waste 165 coins…

Guess I need test tubes now


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