Latest 6* releases

Had you noticed how miserably all the latest 6* promos had failed? Lance, Kyle, Adam…

@GR.Scopely couldn’t be bothered even to make a usual character review here.

Previously that was his attitude towards legacies. That also generated zero income.


Do you buy i.e. invest real money for these 6* toons? If the answer is no, then it shouldn’t really bother you how or what they’re doing with these toons. Also, who cares if they make money or not with these new legacy toons. If you still spend money on this then it’s clearly your fault after all what they have done or not done in the past. They were bragging in past interviews they’ve made over 100 million with TWD means they should have been able to “save” the game or “reinvent” it.

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Nah you don’t get it.
All these 6* promos are just fillers, because Scopely had promised not to release a new S class toon each week.

But the fillers flop, so I wonder how soon will Scopely break yet another promise?

PS. Not a spender.


Expect s-class for sale real soon, wait there is one for sale, wait no there is 2 for sale now😂

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Playing devils advocate if 6*promos no longer make money they’d be crazy not to move on to sclass as makes business sense if that generates revenue… to survive an make money is to adapt to the market. They are a company.

I’m not defending this or scopes. I spend infrequent and very lightly. Hate what doing to players an would argue strongly that better treatment of players overall will get folk spending but need to make it worth there while not handing over money to get an eye gouged and skull fooked stupid and say thanks goimg back for more

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They will probably add an red velvet cake collection for them. So people will still pull for him even if he’s useless. So. They still make money. :neutral_face:

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So you honestly believe that 6*'s are selling at least on par with S class?

Don’t you remember that Scopely was almost forced to promise to release an S class toon only once per two weeks? Not by general playerbase (they don’t care bout that), but by their main source of income - the whales. Who didn’t like the idea of loosing their expensive 6* teams too fast.

Scopely is indeed a company, so the need CUSTOMERS. They don’t just print money. But now their promise is biting them in the ass, so I wonder what would they do next.

The whole s class thing is stupid. You just used to be able to pull a toon, level it and and ascend them. It was almost better that way. Now you have to grind a bunch of bullshit just to get a toon. At least in the past you were able to get lucky on a few pulls every now and then. I’d have to imagine they are making less money from premiere recruits.

Some of the shit they do makes no sense.


Not at all my point was if cant flog useless 6* will most definately just go sclass… semi are.

Wasn’t defending nor justifying it either

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A promise is a promise :man_shrugging:t3:

Scopes makes em with fingers crossed so never counts.

Never know new year so new start from em🤣

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I picked up Slater, he’s not bad. Other than Adam, most promos that have been released are made for support toons on attack teams.

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well they don’t want to release an S class every week as they shouldn’t. I wish it was like once a month. Still museum only. The crazy shift in the meta is just to much

they are all good in their own ways

They don’t preview characters they know wont cut it

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