Late war now late prizes

1 hour 11 minutes at present after war finished for Wilcox, no prizes for anyone yet

We were one of the region’s who got war late , unsure if related to prizes also being late



Keep surviving??


Trying to

Harder each day

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Yeah. Understandable really.

I logged on today to get my prizes and do roadmaps… to find there are no roadmaps.

Space for 20… and 0 there…


Yup , is what it is

No rewards here either. Late start as well.

Approaching 2 hours 20 now lol

War was 3 hours late , Maybe prizes will he too

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I wonder if people can leave factions. I bet people will get screwed out of prizes.

Nope, and there won’t be anything worth doing until “can Thursday” when they drop everything in at the same time.


Way too early in the day for Shane to be on, still like another 4-6 hours before she appears on a Monday morning I think

Rewards are out in Edgefield and some of the other new regions, most likely another 2h or so before they get fully rolled out to the rest of us

Doubt we will see her for a while with the shit storm of negative posts.

Sumter got their rewards within 15 minutes of war ending. Strange that you haven’t got yours yet…

Still many waiting, lots of complaints in my Facebook group

Did you have late start to war?

Still nothing in White, nothing in Choctaw either.

Supuestamente las regiones que les llegó tarde la guerra, darán una recompensa…quizás al notar que fueron varias las regiones que empezaron tarde…darán algo bueno…no un personaje de 3*…sino las pulseras que publicaron…espero…el juego depende de nosotros que jugamos

Yeah no rewards in Randolph yet. War started late there too.

Calm down you’ll get your duplicates at some point

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I really want that 5th blue gov, you have no idea how useful he will be

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