Late rewards force loss of rewards if changing factions


Can adjustments be made? I waited until minutes before the new event, then left the old faction for a newly created one.

It looks like the awards came in 10 to 15 minutes after the new event started. Thus forcing a loss of rewards if you’re trying to change factions.

This is in reference to the Faction Survival Road over the weekend. We got rank 13 and would really appreciate the tokens.

With back to back events, you will lose awards at some point, with this delay in getting awards.
About six of us lost out, in forming Wastelanders in BenHill.


been a known bug for awhile that has yet to be fixed, but lets go ahead and nerf crits because it has created a huge imbalance :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Lol. Ah yes.

I’ll keep it in mind. The awards coming after the start of the next back to back level up means you will lose something if you’re moving. VERY annoying and fixable I assume if you can convince someone to do it.

Wastelanders! BenHill


cool mate, i’m in Rejects in Ben Hill


Can we get more time between faction events? What would be the harm?


Official response,“You’re screwed. Keep surviving.”


How you doing? We probably raid each other. Lol.