Late Release of Calendar Issues. Is anyone really listening?

@TayTron Unfortunately these posts have now been closed, however it appears from the latter one that Scopely did not have anyone in place to update the calendar in good time.

We as customers understand that their isn’t a CM who role includes updating the calendar at the moment, Most customer of the RTS product work and understand that it is hard when a member of the team leaves leaving their role and responsibilities vacant.

HOWEVER, what is usually standard in a company in such events is to make sure that major tasks are covered during a handover.

The updating of the calendar before arguments of, Scopely don’t need to do it and it’s subject to change is a monetising tool for Scopely. It give customers information to be able to plan ahead which may include spending alittle extra and is a wide practice from many similar mobile gaming platforms and is just good customer service practice as it improves the customer experience.

Due to this 3 main issues have arisen then should I hope be addressed by Scopely.

  1. Who is actually listening to customers and what responsibilities have been passed over as a priority?

  2. Are customers responsible now to remind Scopely of these duties?

  3. Scheduling and WOC clashing, questions of preference?- Territories event has been scheduled between Weds to Friday. So far from reports up to 38 WOC have already moved to the WOC region. However two of the factions left to move are rumoured to be factions that are represented by PC members.

If this is the case then it may be reasonable for some customers to come to certain presumptions and should not be made at fault if they do so.

The whole issue however could and should have been resolved by Scopely simply organising their own responsibilities, especially during such an important time and taking some care and time of its construction so it does not conflict with existing events like WOC that’s been in the pipeline since last year.

I hope others will share their comments and concerns as the previous posts were close prematurely before they could be expanded upon as other customers were doing, and can lead to the beginning of an open and respectful discussion between Scopely and their customers. If Scopely are unsure of what their responsibility are then I’m sure customers would be more than happy to create a priority list to ensure this doesn’t happen again


Oh my lord with another long post. Ffs there was a time where we never had a calendar, never knew what was coming, it was always a guess.


That’s your opinion @Banshee thanks for sharing. I hope my “another long post” which I don’t actually do frequently at all and which people can chose to read or not highlights different issues for other people to start a conversation.

My apologise that I’m personally too long winded for you.


Agree with everything👍


It’s about time a billion dollar company got there fking act together, piss poor, shoddy, unprofessional, shameful, embarrassing


What I am so confused can you not see the update or something?

And it’s about growth and improvements especially in light of the promises… just cos we didn’t have calendars in the past doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have them now or in furture or that we should be grateful for them… it’s call progression. Should be go back to the days before fire and the wheel? No


Yes bud it was late, not pinned and ■■■■■■■ empty👍

Not pinned but was up 16 minutes ago

It’s pretty clear why they were late with it. They wanted the factions to transfer into woc not knowing there was a territory event. Some might have stayed and transferred after. There is always a method to their madness.


So it was late, it’s nearly Tuesday here👍

We want compensation. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face:


Hey @Samuel1 saw the update which was late also seems to be abit inaccurate as there is no time zone reference and u have LU starting 4 hrs after 1, but when it’s been released so late especially in light of WOC then you have a faction event that ends basically a few hours before war starts and those who already transferred to WOC region now have to compete with up 2 38 other WOC factions (apparently however I can not confirm 2 regions that haven’t transferred yet are ones that have representation from PC)

Also it questions who is really taking care of the customers? A basic requirements that actually makes Scopely money was omitted and it took not Scopely seeing customers forum feedback, but customers who have an elevated position to remind Scopely to do the calendar


No, just some accountability and Scopely to do their job


It was just updated, still not pinned.

Doesn’t appear that their was any temporary handover of the basic that happened which is worrying cos this is pretty basic, like making sure staff get paid or updating opening or closing times or updating a school calendar with teachers closing dates

Territories is not an “Event”.


Who even looks at the calendar anymore, they should just remove it! What a waste of such a long post :sleeping:


Well they class it as an event