Last years Winer Event


Just curious, what was the winter event last year? I’ve never remembered what exaclty was included in last year’s winter event and would be nice to be reminded as I’m sure most of us are anticipating another winter Event this month. Thanks!


A wheel with yellow lori and 4 farmers.


Old McDonald, however, was left out.


Ah yeah it’s coming back to me now, thanks!


On-topic, yes, that was the highlight. If we’ve learned anything this year, though, past performance is not indicative of future results.


I do remember pulling two 5s from that wheel but they were both meh, but I guess they were still 5s either way, I wonder how it’ll pan out this year


Maybe one of the winter edition ones.


Would be nice, no idea who I’d pick if I had one option though


was almost all drop leads lori was the only one that was not a dropper if i remember right.


I remember getting Red Shane, was hoping for Richard but I was grateful.


Better lower your expectations now. Expect a lot of premier’s, crap pools giving 5s gear. All scopely has been serving this holiday season is coal.