Last Words: YULE solved

Last words event:
Y: Upgrade the weapon given at the end of the Y roadmap using the armory.(Currently bugged, any yellow weapon of any rarity counts)
U: Kill 100 walkers.
L: Level up once.
E: Get 3 cans.(of any type)


Damn. You are fast.


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I’m having more fun solving it than doing it :joy:

What was the weapon given?

Screen crashed before I could see it

Any 4* yellow weapon. I finished and haven’t done the roadmap yet


This weapon,

You do not have to upgrade the weapon given to you for completing the map. I got it done crafting a Cultist Knife. As for cans, I don’t you have to get them. I’m 1/3 using a war refill.

Ok. I’m wrong on the refill.

I upgraded a 2* yellow weapon, it completed the mission


Thank you

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