Last Words: Solved

Last words event:
D: Kill green holiday shiva 10 times. (you can find her in stages 6-10 of the D map)
R: Finish 30 roadmaps.
U: Defeat 100 walkers .
M: Level up a mod 10 times.
S: Win 10 raids in a row.


These missions are too easy. Completed already. Please make harder next time.

Like level up 2 times in a few days?


Like that yes lol

win 10 in a row, it seems if u skip it resets?

one should be
s for stupid defeat fully s class raid team, with fully max vet rings, and all platmium max mods, in 1 round, 100 times


Not sure. I didn’t skip.

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3 battles won all three perfect with no loss or revives, still 1 out of 1

skipped a few hmmmm

Hmm. Maybe that is the case. I’m sure others will be complaining soon if so…

I skipped a few and it didnt reset the counter

I did six raids. Won all of them. First three with all team alive, fourth with four alive and last two with all alive. Currently sitting on 4/10 which makes no sense :thinking::man_shrugging:

Oh and I skipped loads of opponents for each one to find a dropped d

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I’ve been complaining about this since the event started. Cs keeps telling me to go to forums for help. I’m just glad I am not the only one having this problem.

I’ve got some letters for them!!! Screenshot_2018-11-08-21-49-20-1

And what is I?

You want more difficulty here?

Either trolling or a whale who doesn’t want others to have a chance to complete the event.

My raid streak keeps resetting even though I haven’t lost & I’ve won each with 5 alive. Would be nice to know why

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Interesting, slightly related, I just did three raids because I saw myself at 17/20 for the weekly missions.

Won all three, still on 17/20 :man_shrugging:

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@GR.Scopely (@LadyGeek) your game is broken again.
This has happened many times