Last Words.....Solved

D: Defeat 10 Christmas Shivas (roadmap stages 6-10)
O: Open 10 items on any wheel
L: level up (player level) ugh…
L: level up (player level) ugh…
S: win 10 raids in a row


And how many cans does it take to get from player lvl 154 to 156? And how is it worth trying for this.

Thx in advance… maybe?


80 cans

For me, it’s not worth it… :thinking:

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How many cans for level 102 to 104

Too many for one single bear


How many cans from level 161 to 163?

2 player level ups? REALLY??

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(@Scopely: They won’t put level up mission back to back.) 3 mins later 2 level up in two days if you want reward o_0

Probably around 50 with both territories. Should be roughly the same amount for any two levels post 100, but get a little cheaper later as you will have slightly higher max energy so the cans become more effective.

So dumb. 2 level up missions. Obviously devs don’t play the game. Or knowingly make event stuff that people can’t complete.

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