Last Words: REINDEER Solved

Last Words Event Letters - REINDEER:

R - Rush With Bleed Toon Raulito (10 Times) Raulito is on the Princess Road map Words ‘R’
E - Gain 3 Energy Cans (Of Any Type)
I - Use 20 Molotov’s in World/Roadmap Stages
N - Defeat PayBack Negan (5 Times)
D - Win 40 Raids (With All Team Members Alive)
E - Gain 6 Energy Cans (Of Any Type)
E - Gain 9 Energy Cans (Of Any Type)
R - Complete 30 Roadmap Stages


Thank you!


Feeling sorry for peeps that need 1 more Teddy :pensive:


All this for 1 bear SMH


For one bear they should be paying me to do all that shit! Lol enjoy getting f$cked! Go all in! Done and done! Happy new year putting scopely with rick and negan in the bad boys 2 boundary box. Hahaha


I’ve rushed with Jiafeng who is also a bleed toon a number of times on roadmaps and SR but it hasn’t counted. Does it have to be Raulito?
Only one has registered and that could have been when I used Raulito on a SR stage.

Yeah seems to need to be Raulito. Use those roadmap rushes wisely. Or hope someone in your faction has him.


Thanks, I have him so it’s not a problem for me just wanted to clarify because “rush with a bleed toon” may be confusing for people.

Only Raulito as support toon probably

With judicious usage of swiping to defend, I managed to get him to rush 6 times on stage 1 :smiley:
Easy-peasy to get this done if you know what’s needed. Unfortunately, some people may not find out until they’ve already rushed through the roadmap and they may need to borrow a Raulito.


Yup, looks like Raulito’s rush is the only toon from the Princess road map ‘Words R’ that works.

Raulitos rush is not working for me. No bleed toons are working.


Used my 6* Raulito in SR stages and finished that mission‘s task.


Doesn’t work in raids, but it’s been working in the roadmap and someone just posted it’s working in SR. Where is not not working for you?

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SR isnt working. Not sure about roadmaps, will have a quick butchers.

Worked on the Princess road map for me. Nice to see it’s working in SR too.

Ah damn, got myself demoted from D3 to D1 and need to get demoted this week (it’s very hard to play and stay in the demotion zone of D1 so others are probably following the same plan), so 40 raids is definitely out of the question.

I tried roadmaps with my own raulito. Only rushes that seemed to count were the supporters :man_shrugging:t3:

Really how low they can go. It supposed to be a totally free event for only 1 bear for f2p players. The last few times its simply impossible to finish without spending. Push the p2p ppl to pay more. This just ruin f2p player experience. I feel sorry for ppl need only a few bears.


Totally agree Zax. This is not an easy FTP event. If you’re gifted with Arena tickets for enough Elf hats, can hit 2.1 million in all of the level ups over the last few weeks and can level up your player level more than once in 3 days, you might just get 100 Bears for two Princesses. Not to mention the elusive N for Negan… Pretty sure everyone with two Princesses had to coin and spend for them.

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