Last Words - Part 2 - Solved

T - Train yellow “Tutor” Gov 10 levels.
Y - Train any yellow 10 level (can be combined with T)
R - Use 10 refills
E - Use 100 Energy
E - Use 200 Energy
S - Win 30 survival road battles
E - Use 300 Energy

Note: Yellow “Tutor” Gov is the reward from the “Words ‘T*’” roadmap. If you don’t already have him, get him there.


thank you!

Awesome, thanks!

Win 30 survival road battles … :hot_face:


According to the calendar there is a solo SR tournament that I believe will overlap with the end of this collection.

Solo Survival Road (Mon 12:00 pm - Wed 10:00 am

Where do you get governor? Must of been before the time I was playing

Thanks for the info!

There is a roadmap going on right now called “Words ‘T*” that rewards you with him.

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Thanks for the help

Jeez… blew through 10 trainers before reading forums. Thanks :wink:

Tutor - I read “Tudor” and thought a new Character had been released based on a Renaissance fair actor or something lol

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Thanks, fixed the typo.

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All good, I was all excited we were going to get a Henry VIII look alike with a “beheading” specialist skill.

10 attacks in arenas and not a single needed letter, I am not surprised… lol

@GR.Scopely Hire this man for your design team

Yes and replace the twits that think RNG is a good way to reward players

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Yet another 5 battles and no useful letters, total bs!

I’m sure this 5* Governor character will be very useful in raids moving forward



I used 13 tickets on arena today and I’m still missing 3 letters. Get your shit together scopely. The event should be do-able…

Does anybody know how many stages this event will have? Are we on stage 2 out of 3 meaning you MUST hit every gold arrow in order to have enough to claim? Or will is be 4 stages total thus you can skip some here and there and still maybe get enough?