Last Words - Needs Free Arena Tix

Scopely needs to send everyone free arena tickets to compensate for the way they rolled out the Last Words Event.

The event started before the “New Event” description was published in-game. The “New Event” description is where Scopely first listed the drop rates for letters from arena entries, and where they first explained that letters and orange quills were only valid for the current segment.

Many players (including myself) likely spent extra arena tickets trying to get letters prior to knowing the drop rates or that they were not valid for all segments of the event.

Scopely should provide free arena tickets to compensate these players.


My point was not whether or not Scopely will send out free tix - my point was that Scopely needs to send out free tix.

I am fully aware and understand that Scopely relies on the sale of arena tickets for revenue, but they are required to do so in a legal and lawful manner. Scopely is a US-based company and is required to comply with state and federal regulations regarding sweepstakes and games of chance. That is why they provide drop rates in-game.

The critical element is that they provided the drop rates in-game only AFTER the event started. During the time period between when the event started and they published the “New Event” description in-game, they were operating a sweepstakes in noncompliance with US law, and everyone who used an arena ticket during that period has a basis for legal action.

The US is full of unemployed and underemployed lawyers, and class action suits have been filed for less. Anyone who used an arena ticket at the start of the event has a valid reason to file a complaint against Scopely and request that their tickets be refunded.


Simple response: No

Short answer : No
Long answer : they need to make money from selling those tickets that’s why they put letters in the arena,cuz people will pay more for them in order to get more letters

or you have people like me that will think

Fuck this shit this aint an event this is just scopley being greedy fucks and trying to get me to pay for a chance at nothing, screw this im going to play on my PS4

i think my train of thought is better lol


They will never send this type of stuff for free, but at least they should make grindable on events rewards. The coming raid could have tickets on milestones.

Even if you would get free stuff i.e. tickets it doesn’t mean you will get all needed letters dropped in arenas due of the fake RNG. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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