Last Words: Elves solved

Last words:
E: Use 10 energy bars. Level 5 of home mart works, let Jim rush then use the bars
L: Level up once.
V: Win 100 battles in any area of the game.
E: Get 3 cans( of any type).
S: Win 10 raids in a row.


I think we need to attain the energy bar from princess RM

Nah, you need to use 10 of them

best thing to do is on wave 3 of the last stage kill all enemy bar Joshua and keep skipping till he rushes and use the energy bars


I’m starting to think S is “win 3 raids in a row ten times”.

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its bloodly annoying, I’ve gone to the stage where I dont use money to skip and try to win without revives too

even then it doesnt always count

that would be 30 raids I did it just winning 10 raids

It’s 10 raids in a row, but it’s possible that it’s bugged for some

10 raids gewinnen ohne einen gegner zu überspringen sozusagen nach Reihe

in a row? did u skip? did u die and revive? revenges?

I get ti.10 after winning alot.if.batteles

Warning. If you use @Jacky’s suggestion of homemart level 5 for the energy bars, don’t accidentally take a stun gun Ajax or it will take aaaaaages.

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no skips, no revives just won 10 in a row

It’s not win ten raids in a row. That’s for sure.


Every time this has appeared so far I’ve had to do 12 in a row to complete it. The streak starts from the third raid.

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No, that’s not 30 raids. It’s 12 :slight_smile: raids 1-2-3 is 1…raids 2-3-4 is 2…raids 3-4-5 is 3…etc until 10-11-12 is the 10th streak.

Someone else mentioned they never count the first 2, theorized a ‘streak’ is 3 wins in a row.


Its not 10 in a row its win 10 raids with all 5 surviving

Am I missing something… why are they selling “N”?

N is absolutely useless in both words, premium and free so you’re not missing anything

So they are just fishing to see who will bite without looking lol thank you

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