Last Words Collection - Solved

Here is what I’ve figured out so far.

D - Defeat a green 6* Shiva 10 times (Stage 10 of the Words “D*” roadmap has 3x green 6* shiva)
E - Spend 100 energy total - World energy is easiest
P - Use 10 “Hollow Point” rounds in battle (it’s a battle item that looks like 3 bullets).
U - Upgrade a toon to their next tier - 2* worked
T - Train toons via training grounds - 2*'s worked.
Y - Level up a yellow toon 20 times.

Edit: Part 2 is here: Last Words - Part 2 - Solved


Well that was quick. Thanks


I have no hollow point rounds lol great i have little of battle items i am level 115 and i only have fifteen battle items i havent used one prolly a year.

Hollow point rounds take like 20 secs to make. Lmao


well good thing they are quick and easy to make

20 seconds and cheap material + supply cost

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Seriously people will complain about anything


Not complaining lol sorry if i sounded that way lol, I am crafting them now i was just stating that i thought it was amusing i didn’t have any. But thanks for assuming i was complaining.

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I’m scratching my head on the premium ones I have four letters done

Anyone know what s is on the premium?


Just kidding. But probably not.


i guessing scavenger

You get letters from arena as well

Thanks I will try that

I thought premium could only be found in arena battles and the red quill roadmaps?

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Yea you’re right, it is premium letters

why do we need two letter Y to spell „by“ :joy: @GR.Scopely ?


Not scav not sr

Not ascending

Thanks mate

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