Last Words: Bells solved

Last words event
B: Collect 3 mystery bags. (Gear map crates count for it)
E: Collect 3 cans. ( of any type)
L: Level up once.
L: Level up twice.
S: Win 10 raids in a row.


the crate drops from the gear map work as well for B

Yeah this one is gonna have to eat a dick after completing it a few days ago after like 30 world energy refills

L. L. L. L. I see L everywhere. :face_vomiting:


Yeah fuq this. I’m done. I’m not even mad, just like… yeah it’s whatever… good luck to those who are going for it.


S is not actually win 10 raids in a row. Its a ‘winning streak’. The streak doesn’t start counting until your third consecutive win.

Eg. You can win the first 10 raids and be on a ‘streak of 8’ then you lose one and have to win another 4 raids to finish off the mission.

That is absolutely horrible to wish stuff on people like that.

L: take one hit of acid
L: take second hit of acid
Okay, now what?

Yeah, yeah, whatever … I just cant feel anything for such people

hi, where do i find the letter e? I have collected 3 cans but no letter e

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