Last words bear hunt Level up issue

Anyone else having problems with player LU not registering

Not myself, have you registered a ticket with support yet?

It requires leveling up twice. And yes, it does suck.

One of them doesn’t

His first one is registered. The second isn’t.

Scratch that. I misread the pictures.

In the top pic it looks like none of them have registered

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Looks like he used a choice to get the letter ‘L’ once.

This will not complete the ‘L is for Level Up (Player Level)’ mission, but it will complete the ‘L’ mission.


It should register one of them shouldn’t it :man_shrugging:t3: Top picture shows it hasn’t, I suppose if I lu once or use the quill in lu milestones I’ll be ok

No, it won’t register either of them in the top picture. Those can only be completed by leveling up the Player level.

When you buy/choose/pull a letter from the wheel, it only completes the mission shown in the second screenshot.


Ty LadyG :hugs:

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