Last Words: Bear Hunt - “Collect L” and “Level up your player level to earn an L”

Hello Survivors,

As I have seen a lot of questions and concerns, here is some clarification about those 2 missions.

Players must complete the Mission “Level Up your player level to earn an L”. Once this is completed you will be able to collect the L from the store.

Note: Please make sure to check your “Dolls” mission for progress when collecting the L, this will not be shown in “Letters Mission”



Yea but twice in 3 days alot of people cant without an sr tourny or xp rm and then scopely rolls out an offer to pay 100 coins for an L when they should of just made the 2nd L a different mission


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAH such a fail i stick to 6 i got and 1k keys for pete and call it a day

@GR.Scopely - i’m not sure you are quite answering the source of the confusion.

Players are getting confused because they are expecting the “Level up your Player Level” mission to be completed when they purchase an L for 100 coins. This is because these players fundamentally don’t understand that the concept of the mission/reward although some blame needs to be placed on the levels of convolution that these events seem to feel is necessary.


Why confuse people to try and get money out of them? There really is no other explanation to these confusing events/offers other than it’s a marketing trick


Can you send next time an ingame mail to all players about your mistakes, the compensations, deals thats not obvious, etc. Not everyone reads the forum all day. This 100 gold L letter were not clear what it gives. Loads of ppl thought that will complete both missions on bear mission. Also if you change basic mechanic, nerf, fix, add new functions, deals etc you should give full explanation BEFORE or when it happens. Communication is getting worse and worse in the game that gives frustration to players.

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Scopely is all about handing out L 's to the player base


Shame you won’t address why Scopely would put 2 player level missions in a 3 day event when we’ve asked you to tone that down. Come on @GR.Scopely, as a player you have to admit that is pretty pathetic. Did you complete those missions?


I bet when GR clocks into work they lock the poor guy in a room with his computer. He types out stuff like “Help me! Its not my fault the devs screw everything up!” but his computer just converts it all to stuff like this


he does it from home so he has no reason to anything as they cant keep an eye on him

Are these tactics really more profitable than good events and offers? Do confused disgruntled players really spend more than players that are happy with and excited by their gaming experience? Really?


Omg! What, lol.
I’ve bought 2 sets of “L” in offers in last 24 hours all 100 coins each, 400 coin total, none of them completed the mission.
I’m confused on why you are offering these if not to finish the most complicated missions.

100 coins for an L seem like a pretty good deal compared to the huge quantity of cans it would have taken to complete a mission.

But not a good deal for them not to actually apply correctly.

Alas, I’m not surprised :anguished:
Can I get my coins back, please and thank you.


Yeah advertising them L’s in the Capitol version is a line of s***.if purchasing them l’s wasn’t going to the level up then they should have been lower case.

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It would have been a good deal obviously it’s that case where one is too good of a deal its false

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I’m confused as to why you would buy 4 L’s when you only need 2 and also why you’d buy more when the first set didn’t do what you wanted it to do.

Buying Letters will only complete missions where gaining the letter IS the mission in order to get other rewards.

To complete the level up mission you would still need to level up (for which the prize is an L).


because the same situation with me when you only have so many hours left and you can’t guarantee support is going to answer your question in a timely manner you’re forced to take a double chance and double down on buying the other two which I was very close to doing but I’m done with that I don’t care if it finishes that reward or not now

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The first 2 were in bags, I thought maybe the coding was wrong with that original offer.
The 2nd set that came up were straight up letters, so I thought here we go they figure out the issue… so bought them in hope these wold correctly apply to the missions.

And yes I feel like a horses ass that never learns. :joy::joy::joy:

Unless they didn’t complete the missions that got you a bear and some legendary medals then they did complete what they were supposed to.

They’re not meant to complete the level up mission so it’s likely that despite the confusion they’re working as intended.

No problem asnis discouraging it was to see that you needed to level up a character two levels in a short timr. And they’re splendid time time of advertising them 2 capital letters wasn’t hard to decide to buy to replace the requirement for the reward for lvlin our main character

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