Last Words: Angel solved

Last words event:
A: Level up the active skill of a toon twice. ( Any toon counts)
N: Defeat red payback Negan 5 times.
G: Defeat 100 Green toons.
E: Get 3 cans.
L: Level up once.


What the hell is their obsession with the payback negan?

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They are too lazy to program in another toon


As mentioned already before by someone else, I also believe they have implemented these stupid missions in one chunk when this whole shit event started. And now they’re too lazy to make some adjustments.


Last Words: Bear Hunt - ANGEL

A - Level Up Alert Active Skill (Twice)
N - Defeat Payback Negan (5 Times)
G - Defeat Strong Enemies (100 Times)
E - Gain 3 Energy Cans (Of Any Type)
L - Level Up Player Level (Once)


Thanks for the post!

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Think I’m going to pass on this one and probably the rest of the event. Just isn’t worth it. :-1:


Been using alerts active… isn’t registering?

Edit: reread post an other one… just ignore my giddy stupidity. Still full of Christmas spirits


These events are too complex and annoying to complete. Level up at a high level takes a long time. Killing a specific character only a few have really makes it difficult.


If u can complete those grindy objs, pay for letters!!! Epic logic lol

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And the added kick to face, not only do they expect us to level up every mission but they added the elusive payback negan yet again! Screenshot_2018-10-24-14-44-03-1


Angel is a unreleased s class tough.

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Thanks for post!

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But Thanks for posting this!!

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I’m going to slow clap Scopely here. I don’t have a single red toon that has actives not levelled up and no ascendables in the pipeline.

These missions are pointless. It shouldn’t be about luck to this extent. Yet another example of missions now meaning you have to hoard everything in case you need to do it in a future mission.


That’s very unfortunate, I never level an AS past 5 because I don’t see much point in the last few that are just shortening the cooldown, if I use an active skill I likely will only use it once.

But missions should be more about grinding, like defeating 100 strong opponents and less about using items. The whole Letters Event thing they’ve been doing is a joke. So many past events we have repeatedly told them we like and yet they bring this one back…

All my hopes are now on red magna in the depot.

They understand their game very well to be able to drive players away like this.

Unbelievable that they didnt even put Negan in the roadmap… well actually it’s totally believable with these people lmfao

I can imagine a year from now. There will be SS+ Class characters with 30k combined stats and Scopely will still be releasing missions requiring to defeat Alert Payback Negan XD

And 5 levels within 2 days…