Last update - Combat bug? - Minister/Secretary Guo AR push not working properly

Since update last week, AR push of Minister Guos active still is not working properly as expected. Normally AR push goes to the targets with the highest AR already present.
Somethings changed, I have not tested if this happens with other toons and other AR pushes as well.

Please fix, or explain or post intentional changes.
Any more players got evidence?

Thank you.

Who is minister guo only character I can think of is secretary guo

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Probably a reverse translation.

Sr jones decaptation is not working too and scopely do nothing .

Just a bump on article.
No one using AR Push skills?

@Oger - We have released the 22.0.1 that will solve those issues encountered with Characters. Can you tell me if this issue is still happening after updating your game? Thanks!


Any time frame on this update being pushed for Amazon?

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