Last raid mission rewards

If you haven’t completed level 28 of the raid mission and want to know what the last one is then fear not I have the answer, and it’s not all bad.

And you will hate yourself for that Claming Hit when the player level increases…


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I’m not maxed, only level 119. And shit did not know

He’s not max level yet. (I don’t think). Also my missions ended on 29, factionmates ended on 31

Mine also ended on 29?

U said 28?

It ends on 29?!

Some people just want to watch the world burn…

I meant 29, my bad

Continuing the discussion from Mano Y Mano (Nada):

(Ends at 30)

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800k? That’s bs, mine was only a little over 600k. Wtf! Mine ended at 29…

Did you transfer while the mission was in progress

I’m on level 31 now, win 100 raids and get 4 raid cans

Proof ? :unamused:

No, I’ve been in the same region since I started

thanks, i was looking for the same screen shot. I also finished 31 and that was the last one i saw. thought it was a weird number to stop on.

@JB.Scopely we need answers

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They should keep these mano y mano missions alive by resetting stage 31 until they get around to raising the level. Will be a nice way to earn a handful of cans after a hard slog.

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And scopely just wants me to burn all my world cans…