Last Game update - Combat Bug - Roadie double fires

Since update last week, Roadie’s weapon will apply Fire damage to TWO targets instead of one.
I assume weapon effect triggers FIRST then the FIRESTARTER special will double this affect.

Please fix or confirm this intentional character upgrade.

Just a bump on article.
No one Roadie? Ever? She is hot

Keep it. This makes her awesome lol

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@Oger - We have released the 22.0.1 that will solve those issues encountered with Characters. Can you tell me if this issue is still happening after updating your game? Thanks :slight_smile:

I am on 22.0.1. Now.
Double Fire is still shining brightly…
But as previous mentioned. Don’t fix it…

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@Oger - Ok thanks for the feedback. I will escalate this to the team.

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