Last Event with Batteries

@JB.Scopely and @GR.Scopely - can you find out which will be the last events which give batteries?

Next week the Solo LU and Solo Raid on 11th/12th presumably will.

But the next Solo LU and the Solo SR both start before the final round of roadmaps, but end after the maps end on 14th. I would presume these events won’t have batteries in the milestones (maybe the LU might). But given how much raiding some people will need to do to get a good character, it would be very much welcomed if we could be properly informed about the event.

If it helps sway things, I presume if people know they are going to fall short on roadmap items, it probably increases the likelihood of them dabbling in an offer or two…


Bumping because I’d like to know as well.

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We all like to know but we wont fet a answer i guess

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Wonder if I’m gonna make it too?

They end the same. We have 7 days and 14 hours till the end of museum collection. That means for my time, the collection will expire Friday, 15th. Should be fine with those 2 events if Scopely wont deliver any surprise box!


f2p will not get it…evem thou i grind and getting all milestone and still not enough…lacking tires need to purchase to get the toons

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I havent spent any cent and I’m at 11k tires. What makes you think I wont get it? If there will be 2 more raids and 7 days with roadmap, will have to use some cans over the milestones, but, hell yea, will do so.
But a game should say exactly when where what. So, this is the best and accurate question. Will the last lvl up and SR event give tires or not?


Any news?

FTP be fine as long as u raid ur arse off in both raids we have left I’m Gona burn 100 cans maybe more at the weekend make sure I’m close before next weeks events start

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If you’re gonna put up a few hundred raids to get the tires then you’ll get it. Otherwise I highly doubt you will get Sandy/Bruce.

They should increase the tires drop rate during weekend’s raid tourney. Would help everyone and should be quite simple to implement.

The red keys are whats holding me back you really have to get both maps open a day in order to reach 20k at this point if you are halfway there.

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I used some coin for more red keys but u can’t open both maps every day u won’t have enough batteries without buying

True. But not relevant. Roadmaps stop 24 hours before that and they aren’t exactly going to be giving out keys and batteries if there are no roadmaps to use them on

can we get an f in the chat

Why wouldn’t there be batteries and keys in the Monday raid and level up? The collection ends next Friday. Those tournaments end Wednesday.

The real question is will the road rage maps happen Wednesday and Thursday.

Is CRUISIN’ ever gonna be spelled correctly tho?


I wouldn’t count on the events on the 13th/14th having batteries but i could be pleasantly surprised.

I’m curious why anyone thinks that JB or GR know the answer, or well, anyone at Scopely? They’ve proven numerous times that math is not their strong suit and they cannot manage more than a day without some issue. :man_shrugging:

The offer screen always works though! :thinking:

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