Last CRW Rewards versus Milestones


I agree with that 100%. If I had to state my level of engagement and satisfaction with the game right now on a 10 scale with 10 being the best I’m at a 1.

I just don’t feel like farming, doing the endless cycle of leveling raiding and survival road, dealing with terrible rng, and participating in lousy and uninspired events that give nothing of value in the end.

I can’t even test out new teams until they decide to bless us with a zero gear cost “event” because of how much it costs to move them around. Really one of the stupidest decisions they have ever made was to charge us for swapping mods around.

The gear shortage and the ridiculous cost to get them from the league store isn’t helping much either but to be honest, they could start another gear museum collection and I won’t bother because I just don’t care anymore.

All grind and no reward makes RTS a dull boy.


I carefully weight what I’m willing to give in exchange for some reward. I can absolutely live with not making every milestone. I also have no problem with spending resources like cans and time on a game that is fun.

But here lies the problem. The current meta is no fun. I’m not going to babysit my phone the whole day to get 400 points fleeing from battle each war. It’s nuts. Never have the guys in my faction been so frustrated with the game. Another couple long term fellows just nuked their accounts because they are fed up with this.

Should the milestones be an achievement? Sure. But should people force themselves through hours and days of endless pain for some trainers and rng goldmod boxee that gives crap most of the time anyways? Hell no.

I personally launched up my steam account and had a blast playing other games.


200K was actually quite easy,i enjoyed having a reason to go over 100k. I hit 200k around sunday morning and had time to do stuff


The milestones were a move in the right direction… for once… they failed on the tier prizes honestly. 8 regions and getting top 30 is hard to do with a F2P faction. Those prizes were terrible. You MUST incentivize the F2P to stick around. I know that the spenders are Scopely’s bread and butter, but the majority of your playerbase is F2P. Without them this game is gonna go bye bye… and we’re on life support


For me, it’s simple. If there are limited time tokens that feature a decent wheel, AOW is better. If it’s just 5* tokens, CRW is better.


You make perfect sense. I think a lot of people are looking at other games. Don’t get me wrong, I am not waving the banner saying all is o.k. Last few days I havn’t even used all my free resources, just don’t have the motivation.

My plan is saving all my pull tokens for next 2x promo and blowing it all. If I don’t get something that I am exited about bringing up, will probably slow walk into the sunset.


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